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Love begins by taking care of the closest ones-the ones at home.

In 1967, St Monica’s opened and accommodated 120 elderly lady residents.

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In 1967, St Monica’s opened and accommodated 120 elderly lady residents.

In 1990, St Monica’s was given a temporary licence to operate as a Nursing Home which was due to be phased out. The Eastern Health Board was to be responsible for placing the remaining residents (approx 19). In 1998, due to the shortage of Nursing Home beds on the North side of the City, the Eastern Health Board made strong representation to retain St Monica’s as a Nursing Home. Major capital investment was necessary to comply with the Nursing Home Regulation Act of 1993. The Eastern Health Board did not see their way to provide the funding, so the Sisters of Charity undertook to finance the major refurbishment at a cost of approx. €2 million.In 1998, St Monica’s was reopened to facilitate a maximum of forty six residents and a Day Care Centre that caters up to 12-15 clients per day.

General Information:

St Monica’s Nursing Home Ltd can accommodate up to a maximum of 46 residents (male and female) who qualify for Long Stay Care. We have 43 rooms:

42 Single Rooms
1 Four bedded room

St. Monica’s can cater for, up to and including, residents with maximum dependency needs. All rooms have electric beds and are wheelchair accessible. Hoists are available for use if required and bathroom facilities are also wheelchair accessible. All rooms have hand basins. We can cater for residents with peg feeds, indwelling catheters and subcutaneous fluids.

Aims and objectives of St. Monica's Nursing Home Ltd.:

St. Monica's Nursing Home Ltd. will focus on providing an individualised care package to improve the resident’s quality of life.

We endeavour to ensure dignity and compassion while accepting and valuing residents in a safe and stimulating environment.


To offer a flexible structured programme, designed from assessing resident’s needs, interests and choices in terms of gender, religion, culture, language and ability.

To provide a holistic and confidential approach to care which insures individuality, dignity, empathy and understanding.

Maintain control over, and continue to make decisions about, the personal aspects of his/her daily life, financial affairs and possessions.

Exercise all of their civil and natural rights and to have access to services and activities which are generally available in the community.

Live in a safe, secure and homelike environment.

Maintain his or her personal independence.

Take responsibility for their own personal affairs and to undertake daily living tasks of which they are capable.

Select and maintain family, social and personal relationships with any other person, both within and outside the nursing home.

Freedom of speech.

Protection from harm and exploitation.

Admissions/ Categories of Care:

Criteria for admission is located in Schedule One attached.

We cater for long term resident care for over 65’s (male and female) as per Barthel Index from 0 – 100

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When I came to St. Monica's in March 2007 I was struck by it's warm, homely atmosphere.


Patrick Dowling

You wouldn't get anywhere else like it. St. Monica's provides a very good service, the only problem is I haven't found a woman yet.


Kathleen Mullaly

Coming in to St. Monica's has been one best decisions I have made about my life, I love it here.