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Love begins by taking care of the closest ones-the ones at home.

In 1967, St Monica’s opened and accommodated 120 elderly lady residents.


Services and facilities/Activities offered by St. Monica's Nursing Home:

1.    (a)     Bed and board
        (b)     Nursing and personal care appropriate to the level of care needs of the Resident
        (c)     Bedding other than specialist beds
        (d)    Laundry Service
        (e)     Basic aids and appliances necessary to assist the Resident with the activities of daily living

The Proprietor and the Resident also agree that the Proprietor shall provide any or all of the following Services to the Resident for such further remuneration as may be agreed between the Parties:

2.     (a)    All therapies
        (b)    Incontinence wear
        (c)    Medication’s not covered under the medical card
        (d)    Prescriptions Charges 
        (e)    Chiropody
        (f)     Dry cleaning
        (g)    Ophthalmic and Dental Services
        (h)    Transport
        (i)    Specialist wheelchairs
        (j)     Hairdressing and other similar services
        (k)    Social programmes
        (l)    Daily delivery of newspapers 
        (m)    NTL / Phone Line /Stamps

3.    The Day Care Centre:

        St. Monica’s Day Care Centre opened in March 2002.  We can cater up to 12 – 15 clients per day. To date, sixty clients attend per week.  

        (a.)    Services provided in the Day Care Centre include:
        (b.)    Nursing Assessments
        (c.)    Nursing Care, including general hygiene and specific nursing procedures    
        (d.)    Active Physiotherapy
        (e.)    Divisional Therapy, in the form of handicrafts, entertainment and group activities
        (f.)    A hot nutritious well balanced meal
        (g.)    Religious needs i.e. Daily Mass, prayer/reflection.
        (h.)    Shared Care, where appropriate, with Public Health Nurse and G.P’s
        (i.)    Appropriate adaptable transportation to the centre.

We also have access to Speech and Language Therapist, Community Geratrician Team and Community Social Workers.

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Kathleen Mullaly

Coming in to St. Monica's has been one best decisions I have made about my life, I love it here.




Patrick Dowling

You wouldn't get anywhere else like it.



Mairin Murphy

When I came to St. Monica's in March 2007 I was struck by it's warm, homely atmosphere.